State Chair Candidate – Brian Smith


  • Head Men’s Coach at Lone Star Gymnastics for 14 years.
  • Gymnastics Association of Texas (GAT) Men’s Program Coordinator and Voting Board Member for 7 years.
  • Speaker at multiple GAT and USAG events.
  • Meet director and Floor manager at multiple large international and Championship meets.
  • Received a Service Award in 2015 for my work with the GAT and the USAG Texas State Board.


  1. Communication– Our communications need to increase in speed and frequency.  We as a community need to be kept up to date on what is happening, or is about to happen, at a National/Regional/State level so that we can effectively make decisions for our programs and our athletes.
  2. Education– Improving communications will give us the opportunity to educate both new and older coaches.  We need to begin producing education material that we can distribute via social media, E-mail, and our website.  This will help grow our programs, increase the quality of gymnastics inside of our sport, help us to develop new coaches/judges, and reduce the over all cost of developing a new instructor for club owners.
  3. Promotion– We need to develop a plan to promote our sport. This will involve creating media that gyms can share on social media and creating statewide events that gym clubs can participate in.   This will make it easier for gyms to increase their online presence which will lead to more boys in the gym. 

What I bring to the table is a solid set of administrative skills that will help take us to the next level of success.  These skills have been tested and developed by my involvement with the GAT Board of Directors and my success managing a team and a gymnastics club for 14 years.  My plan is to improve the Communication, Education, and Promotion of the sport at a state level to make all our Teams, coaches, and Gym Clubs more successful.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me at 817-312-2344 or e-mail me at

Thanks for your support.

Brian M. Smith