2023 Texas State Chairperson Election

Please find the election procedures below. The election procedures were drafted by the State Executive Committee, discussed by the members of Texas at the State Business meeting and approved by the Vice President of Men’s Program, Jason Woodnick. The Nomination period begins today. Email nominations to thorntontxchair@gmail.com, or reply to this email. Please read the procedures prior to sending in nominations.
Coaches within Texas who wish to nominate an individual for the position of Texas State Chairperson may submit their nomination (1 nomination per coach) via email to the current Texas State Chairperson. Nominations will be accepted until November 1st.
If the current State Chairperson will run for re-election, a member of the State Executive Committee will be designated to receive nominations.

Nominees have the choice to remove their name from the process.

Requirements to be eligible for Texas State Chairperson:
  • Texas Men’s Program Member for a minimum of 5 years
  • Administrative experience (1 must apply):
    • Meet Director Men’s Program Gymnastics Competition
    • Gymnastics Club Owner acting in an administrative role
    • Club, program or team manager in an administrative role

Current State Chairperson will conduct a State wide zoom meeting to allow nominees to present their reason to be the next Texas State Chairperson. The nominees will also take questions from Texas Members. The zoom meeting will be scheduled to take place at least 3 weeks prior to the State Championships.

Voting will be done via a secure email process, opening at the start of the State Championships and closing that Sunday at 11:00pm. The coaches within Texas (1 club/1 vote) elect the State Chairperson. The current Region 3 Chairperson will validate the votes.

The winner will be announced the week following the Texas State Championships and the new State Chairperson will begin their term following the Regional Championships.