Texas State Meet: CANCELED

Optional State Cancellation Statement

After careful consideration and re-evaluating the rapid developments over the past 24 hours regarding the spread of the coronavirus, as well as monitoring responses to it by city, state and national authorities, school districts, corporations and sports governing bodies, the Texas State Chair and the State Executive Committee have decided unanimously to cancel the Men’s Texas Optional State Championships.

The event directors and the host organization were in unanimous agreement with the Executive Committee and State Chair that this was the prudent decision to make, recognizing the level of risk for the spread of the virus, particularly in events with spectators so close together. Given that only one person with the virus with no symptoms can transmit the virus through the air and infect dozens of people, it was deemed proper to place the safety and well-being of our gymnastics parents, coaches, judges and athletes at the forefront of the considerations.

We always have the safety of our community at the top of our minds and feel that this is the best decision for our athletes, coaches, judges and parents. No one wants to put others in harm’s way. We all want our athletes to have the opportunity to compete for honors that they have trained so hard for. However, care for people’s health and concern for the risk involved with this virus override the desire for a Championship event.

Thankfully, the equipment supplier for the meet, United Athletic has agreed to refund a significant part of the rental fee they had been paid. We are deeply appreciative of their willingness to assist our gymnastics community in this difficult time. This will help to reduce the negative financial impact on the event host, the Texas Gymnastics Judges Association (TGJA). There are, however, a number of additional expenses that have already been paid and a great amount of work done to prepare for the event by the event directors and host organization. To that end, there will be no refund of entry fees.

With regard to entry fees for our Region 3 Championships in April, which were to be turned in this weekend, overnight mail your hard copy entry for Region 3 Championships and your entry fee check made out to “AGSEP – Texas”. Include a second check for the Region 3 Club registration in the amount of $50.00 made out to “AGSEP”.

Mail to:
Thornton’s Gymnastics Center
1001 S. Egret Bay Blvd. #202
League City, Texas 77573

The deadline to do this is by Monday, March 16th. Do not delay!! Todd will then send a single check for all the Texas athletes to the Region 3 Championships meet director.

  • Texas State Chairman & Executive Committee –

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