2020 Awards and 2020 Regional Age-Groups

2020 Texas Awards
Please take a moment to vote for the 2020 Bill Foster Award and Judge of the Year. Click the link to submit your vote. You must vote for Bill Foster first and Judge of the Year second.
Bill Foster Award Nominees:Sergei PakanichKevin MazeikaBo Morris
Judge of the Year Nominees:Kevin MuenzAmanda StroudJT FletcherEric BrileyTravis Coulbourn
We were very pleased with the responses and nominations for their outstanding work this season
2020 Texas Awards Form
2020 Regional Championships Appropriate Age Groups
Coaches and Club Admins,
It is your responsibility as a professional coach in Texas to know and ensure your athletes are in the correct recognized age groups. There were 4 athletes entered into JO Optional State Championships in non recognized age groups. There are many athletes entered into North and South State that will not have an opportunity to qualify to Regionals because they are not in levels appropriate to their age. Please take a moment and review the recognized age groups for both Regional Championships and make any changes necessary.
2020 Regional Championships Age Groups