Action Requested for Chris Cox

As many of you already know, our talented Level 10 Men’s team athlete and coach, Chris Cox, suffered a severe spinal injury a couple of weeks ago. The medical expenses for his surgeries and recovery process are overwhelming his family. Chris is working hard to regain mobility of his arms and legs and making progress, but he has a very long road ahead of him.

If you would like to be a part of Chris’ recovery, you can help by participating in one or both of the fundraisers below:

I. Benefit for Christoffer Cox, Sat Aug 24th 2-8pm @ Clancy’s Public House



T-shirts are being sold for $30, or you can simply make a donation. Click here:–c7PdcvMI


On behalf of his family, prayers and healing thoughts are very much appreciated. We can all be a part of Chris’ recovery journey. Thank you in advance for your support.

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  1. Godspeed in your recovery Chris. The body is an amazing thing and technology is getting crazy good so prayers for a good recovery… I’ve personally seen someone work hard through a ton of PT recover use of his arms and hands good enough to drive himself around and all (and “poke” type on keyboard to write code when we worked together as software developers…he was lucky in how the injury was specifically I know but basically my point is that if it’s the real bad injury that he can work his butt off and get his body working again to some degree at least…my apologies if I came off in any kind of negative way I don’t know Chris personally but still hoping for the best with his recovery

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