Everything about State Championships and the State Chair Election

State Chair Election Voting Procedures

Please read the following process for voting in this year’s State Chair Election. The process is in line with the election procedures posted on the State website that were approved by Jason Woodnick. The voting procedure is in compliance with a motion passed in February by the MDPC for determining a “club” in State elections. Please find the the link to the MDPC minutes from February: https://www.usagym.org/pages/men/minutes/minutes_dpc.html

There is a high number of club email addresses that are info@gym.com for example. Please check with your club to make sure they monitor that account this weekend. 

The election is set up through electionbuddy.com.  The voting will begin at 8am, Friday, March 10th and end at 11pm, Sunday, March 12.  Election buddy will send an email link to each club that has athletes registered in the men’s program to vote through.  The email will be sent to the primary email address associated with each club that is listed in the USAG database. All voting must be done through that email address. If your club does not receive an email, contact your State Chair immediately to verify eligibility and get your email address added to electionbuddy. Each club can work collectively to determine how and who you will vote for. Contact your State Chair with any and all questions regarding the voting process.

Qualifying Procedures for the Regional Championships

  • Prior to the State meet, coaches should verify which of their athletes will attend the Regional Championships if qualified and enter them into the reservation system on the USAG Website for each Regional Championship meet. The compulsory reservation is under Louisiana.
  • Print out a copy of your meet reservation for each Regional Championship meet and bring it with you to the State Championships.
  • Athletes must commit to attending the Regional Championships immediately following the State Awards Ceremony for their competition group.
  • Following qualification results at state, cross off any athletes on the hard copy of your meet reservation print out that will not be attending Regional Championships and cancel them from the meet reservation system.
  • ​​​​​​​Pay entry fees for all athletes attending Regional Championships to the State Chairman with a check made out to: USAG Men’s Texas.
  • Pay the Region 3 Club fee with a separate check, made out to: USAG Region 3 Men, in the amount of $50.

Region 3 Championships Website

Region 3 Qualification Procedure Document

Texas Level 4 All Star Clinic Qualification Procedures

The top 8 athletes in the youngest two age groups in the All Around and then the top 8 athletes who aren’t already qualified in all age groups, division 1 only will also qualify to the camp. A coach must attend the camp with their athletes. Please communicate with the parents to make sure their boy plans to attend the camp with their coach. We will invite the next in line if boys or the coach can not attend.

Camp Information

Date: Sunday May 21, 2023

Where: North – Achievers Gymnastics Center – South: EnRich Gymnastics

Time: 8:30am-4:00pm with a break for lunch

Cost: $50

Chairman Candidate: Michael Pena

Michael Peña has been a part of Texas Men’s Gymnastics since the mid 1980’s when he began competing in the Junior Program. He spent the majority of his career at Juergen’s Gymnastics and competed in multiple Junior National Championships, sometimes competing as a Region 3 Team member. Michael also competed in Texas High School Gymnastics winning team and individual titles while attending and representing Humble High School. After competing as a junior athlete, he went to the United States Military Academy at West Point and competed one year of NCAA gymnastics. He finished off his remaining career with Juergen’s Gymnastics competing as a senior elite at the 1997 USA Championships. 

Upon retiring from competing, Michael began coaching the boys team at Juergen’s and quickly took over the program manager role. Over the 16 years that he coached competitively, their team had multiple Region 3 Team members and always qualified athletes to the Junior National Championships. In addition, multiple athletes went on to compete in collegiate gymnastics as well. 

After coaching, Michael became the Program Director at Juergen’s Gymnastics for seven years where enrollment was over 1000 students and 50 staff members. He also served as the meet director for multiple State Championships during this time. 

Since his tenure at Juergen’s, Michael has gone on to start an overnight camp, Triple Springs Gymnastics Camp, that is going into its fourth summer. Triple Springs hopes to provide a fundamental role in the retention of athletes and coaches alike, while providing both recreation and education to help foster a life of Texas Gymnastics. Also, in 2020 he moved to Canyon Lake and opened a new recreational gym to fill a need for the local community – uFlip Gymnastics. With almost 250 participants now, Michael is looking to start both boys and girls competitive teams this upcoming season. 

In the spirit of giving back, as a Michael Sims scholarship recipient himself, Michael Peña served over 10 years as the Vice President of the scholarship board. During that tenure, the committee passed the milestone of building the fund to over $100K through several fundraising events that included golf tournaments, poker games, and hosting championship eets. Lastly, he also spent 27 years at the judges table. Michael has judged countless THSGCA and JO/DP championship meets. He has also traveled nationally to judge invitationals and NCAA competitions. The last two seasons he judged pommel horse at the Junior Development Program National Championships.

Chairman Candidate: Brian Smith

Brian M. Smith is a Christian man who is married to his wife Leah and is a father to two children, Oliver and Finley. He believes that one’s faith in Christ should be reflected in daily interactions with others and applies this perspective in all aspects of his life, bringing passion and energy to everything he does.

Brian has been involved in gymnastics for almost 30 years, and currently serves as the head coach and Chief Operations Officer at Lone Star Gymnastics. He has been in this position for the last 16 years, during which time he has grown the men’s team program from only five level 3 athletes to more than 30 athletes at various levels, including level 3 to level 10 junior Elite.

Brian served on the Gymnastics Association of Texas Board of Directors for over 10 years. During this time, he was dedicated to growing and expanding the men’s program by adding a men’s judging course, revising and expanding the Men’s Instructor Training Programs 1 & 2, inviting some of the top experts in the sport to lecture, and turning the hands-on clinic into a state-wide event open to all athletes in Texas. His role on the GAT board required him to work effectively with the state executive committee, the TGJA, out-of-state coaches, and USAG officials. 

Brian has served on the State Executive Committee for over 10 years, gaining valuable insight into the inner workings of the state during his tenure. Prior to joining the executive committee, he served as a liaison for the Gymnastics Association of Texas (GAT). He received a Special Recognition Honor award from Kevin Muenz, who was the state chair at the time, for his contributions to Texas men’s gymnastics and his work with GAT.

Brian successfully hosted the 2022 Optional Regional Championships in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Hosting a Regional Championship in a different state required significant planning and cooperation with his co-host, and the event was a great success. Brian was awarded the bid to host the 2023 Compulsory Regional Championships in Louisiana and the 2024 Optional Regional Championships in Katy, Texas.

Brian is a tech-savvy entrepreneur who successfully founded a marketing company in 2021. In its first year, it secured a significant contract with the UNT Health Science Center. He currently uses his expertise to assist gyms and other businesses in growing their business.

In conclusion, Brian M. Smith is a well-rounded individual who has achieved great success in his personal and professional life. As a devoted husband and father, he believes in living a life that reflects his Christian faith. He is also a dedicated coach and leader in the gymnastics community, having built a successful men’s team program and served on various boards and committees. Brian is a dedicated individual who brings a strong level of commitment and enthusiasm to everything he does, and he looks forward to applying this mindset as the Texas State Chair.

Sims Scholarship Deadline

Update: The Sims Scholarship application deadline is March 1st. All applications must be sent to Tim Erwin at Terwin@erjcchouston.org by 11:59 pm. on that date. Applications must be filled out completely with all required documentation and recommendation letters to be considered for the scholarship.

Please go to www.simsscholarship.com for information on applying or feel free to contact President Tim Erwin or VP Greg Kester at greg.kester@att.net , if you have any questions.

2023 State Meet Entry Deadline Feb 1

State Entry Fee: $125 JN and $150 JE

South State – Mail entries to: Thornton’s Gymnastics Center

North State – Mail entries to: Terry Williams made out to: DFW Events

Online Reservation and Paper Entry with check are due no later than February 1st. Late entries must be approved by the State Chair and will incur a mandatory $25 late fee. Any and all changes after Feb 1st will incur a mandatory $25 fee for each change.

2023 Texas State Chairperson Election

Please find the election procedures below. The election procedures were drafted by the State Executive Committee, discussed by the members of Texas at the State Business meeting and approved by the Vice President of Men’s Program, Jason Woodnick. The Nomination period begins today. Email nominations to thorntontxchair@gmail.com, or reply to this email. Please read the procedures prior to sending in nominations.
Coaches within Texas who wish to nominate an individual for the position of Texas State Chairperson may submit their nomination (1 nomination per coach) via email to the current Texas State Chairperson. Nominations will be accepted until November 1st.
If the current State Chairperson will run for re-election, a member of the State Executive Committee will be designated to receive nominations.

Nominees have the choice to remove their name from the process.

Requirements to be eligible for Texas State Chairperson:
  • Texas Men’s Program Member for a minimum of 5 years
  • Administrative experience (1 must apply):
    • Meet Director Men’s Program Gymnastics Competition
    • Gymnastics Club Owner acting in an administrative role
    • Club, program or team manager in an administrative role

Current State Chairperson will conduct a State wide zoom meeting to allow nominees to present their reason to be the next Texas State Chairperson. The nominees will also take questions from Texas Members. The zoom meeting will be scheduled to take place at least 3 weeks prior to the State Championships.

Voting will be done via a secure email process, opening at the start of the State Championships and closing that Sunday at 11:00pm. The coaches within Texas (1 club/1 vote) elect the State Chairperson. The current Region 3 Chairperson will validate the votes.

The winner will be announced the week following the Texas State Championships and the new State Chairperson will begin their term following the Regional Championships.

2022 Summer Business Meeting

This year’s summer business meeting will be Saturday, June 25th, at Alpha Omega Gymnastics Team Gym in Fresno. The meeting will begin at 1:30 pm with a goal of finishing by 5:30 pm.

Alpha Omega Gymnastics
3941 FM 521, Fresno, TX 77545

Contact: Jerit Pogue 281-639-2206

If you have any other items that you would like to see on the agenda, please email them to Todd Thornton.

If you would like to add your contact info. Use the link below.

Coach Registration

If you have a meet, clinic, or event you would like on the calendar, please fill out this form:

Add to Calendar

If you would like to bid for a state meet, use this form:

Michael Sims North/South State Bid

Level 4 All-Star Clinic

Reminder to Parents and Coaches:

Level 4 Division 1 athletes have the opportunity to qualify to either the North or South All-Star Clinics. This year, the top 6 athletes in each of the four youngest age groups will be selected. Coaches please be prepared to have your parents at a quick meeting after the Level 4 Session of your state meet.

State Meet Fees

Meet fees for North/South State Championships are as follows:

  • All compulsory and JN athletes – $100
  • JE athletes – $125

REMINDER: Optional state has been split in to the North/South meets

State Meets Update

During a supplemental business meeting via Zoom on July 10th, the state voted to eliminate the Texas Optional State Championships and move the optional levels, 7-10, to the Michael Sims North/South State Championships.

Saginaw High School Gymnastics won the bid for the north championships and the Sims Committee has the south championships this year with site to be determined.