Regional Qualifying Procedures

The Region 3 Championships Qualifying Procedures are now out. Please read over them carefully. All optional level athletes qualify. All compulsory levels qualify by Regional age groups and the allotment numbers can be found on each state meet website.

Please make sure that you bring the items listed on each website to register your athletes for Regionals

Qualifying from North State
Qualifying From South State
Qualifying from Texas State Championships

Older JO Level 8’s at State

After much discussion with coaches last weekend and this week, we will be allowing the older age groups of JO Level 8 to compete at Texas State Championships. The regional age groups have not changed though, so if you choose to have your athlete compete at this level at state that is as far as he can go.
If you want your athlete to compete at regionals, he will need to compete as a Level 9 or as a JD 1.
The choice is yours.

We Always Need Judges!

We are always looking for new judges. With the explosion of new meets over the last few years and multiple meets on the same weekend, we need more judges. If you would like to judge or you have any former athletes that might be interested, the TGJA National Courses are coming up!

Information can be found at:   or contact

If you know a college athlete that wants to give back to the sport, we recognize that they might having difficulty with the start up costs associated with becoming a judge (i.e. USAG Registration, Safety Cert., Background Check, and the judging fees). The state is willing to help offset those costs. Please contact me at